Intelligent room partitioning with style

New or different designs for living spaces, more efficient use of office space or flexible use of glass fronts? No problem with modern room partitioning systems. Rooms can be individually divided and reconnected by using fixed or sliding wall systems and wood, plastic, metal and glass sliding doors. GEZE has design-oriented door fitting solutions for all these elements of functional architecture.

Visually enlarge rooms – with sliding glass doors

Sliding doors made of glass provide natural light in rooms.

Sliding doors made of glass provide natural light in rooms.

Nice try, but mostly impractical: adapt rooms to different uses using shelves, screens or folding partitions, or create privacy or noise protection with partition curtains or walls. The effect is usually rather cramped and dark. The solution favoured by interior designers and architects is: to quickly connect or separate rooms with comfortable sliding doors or sliding walls. Here, the use of glass enables flowing views and transparency.

Not only does light make every room appear wider and larger, natural daylight also makes a major contribution to the physical and mental well-being of users and residents. Modern glass technology also allows entire wall surfaces to be replaced with glass. The result is elegant new offices, meeting rooms, waiting rooms or residential rooms - with no costly construction. Functional door fittings create mobility and flexibility, with the individual elements moved in profiles or tracks.

GEZE partitioning: separate and connect with design

Manual sliding walls (MSW) open, divide and separate rooms and flexibly adapt them to their particular use. The modular design of the MSW allows the use of different system elements with varying functionalities. Fixed leaf elements can be used as double-action, swing and single-action doors or as fixed panels. Horizontally movable leaf elements, on the other hand, are used as sliding doors.

This means that a closed sliding door can be quickly transformed into a fully functional swing door with the help of an easy-to-operate locking mechanism. It is the perfect solution if the MSW glass front, for example in shops or cafés, is not to be opened completely when the weather is cold. GEZE offers attractive design options with the various cover profiles, which run inclined towards the glass or have a modern angled design.

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GEZE manual sliding wall systems in the Ronald McDonald House

Manual sliding wall system from GEZE

Manual sliding wall system from GEZE © Lothar Wels / GEZE GmbH

Young patients can have their family stay with them before and after their treatment at the university hospital, thanks to the latest Ronald McDonald house in Tübingen. The house’s open architecture not only creates an inviting and bright atmosphere. The continuous run of space on the ground floor also permits flexible use, for events for example.

It is opened up, partitioned and separated with manual sliding wall systems (MSW) from GEZE. Its modular structure allows system elements with different functions to be used. MSW is thus the ideal solution for transparent floor planning.

The GEZE Pendulo system comprises different single- and double-leaf double-action doors with and without fanlight and fixed panel elements, which can be combined with each other according to individual needs.

The GEZE Pendulo System

GEZE Pendulo all-glass wall system

As a transparent partition in offices, in shop fitting or at home: many different elegant solutions become a reality with the Pendulo System. What’s special thing about it: the GEZE system conceals the intelligent technology – an integrated door closer – in the lower designer profile. This means that the door can be opened in both directions, it offers a balanced closing movement and it swings gently back to its rest position. Planning of the GEZE all-glass wall system is also straightforward: with the online-based Pendulo configuration tool, complete solutions from a single source can be designed quickly and easily – according to individual wishes.

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GEZE Pendulo areas of application

  • Partitions between offices and corridors
  • Meeting rooms for various uses
  • Waiting areas in medical practices
  • Shop fronts in shopping centres
  • Vestibule solutions in private and commercially used areas

Sliding door technology by GEZE: sleek technology – highly durable

GEZE offers various door fitting solutions for functional and visually appealing sliding door systems, partition walls or other movable elements. They consist of a track and the roller carriage guided in it, which moves the connected glass, wood or metal sliding door leaves. Their particular benefits include smooth running and sleek design. An extensive range of accessories offers diverse solutions.

The GEZE roller and designer fittings for manual sliding doors

  Sliding doors Sliding shutters
40 NT
80 NT
140 KS
Leaf weight
40 kg. 80 kg 60 kg 120 kg 140 kg 80 kg 140 kg 120 kg
Running comfort ** **** ****** ****** ***** ****** ***** ******
Leaf material  



Glass - -

Corrosion protection

Class 1

Class 1 Class 3 Class 3 Class 2 - Class 4 -

● = especially suitable for
○ = also suitable for
- = no

The Rollan and Perlan roller sliding fittings are designed primarily for interior doors, while Perlan is also suitable as an exterior solution.

Plenty of scope for design in planning

GEZE offers a wide variety of solutions for functional, heavy-duty and aesthetic room partitions with sliding doors, sliding wall systems and all-glass wall systems with plenty of scope for design during planning.

Planners can configure the manual sliding wall system (MSW) as well as the all-glass wall system Pendulo and Levolan 60/120 online using configuration tools.

GEZE also offers training on the systems in the form of webinars, either at a GEZE subsidiary or at the customer's premises. The customer receives complete project-related technical documentation for each proposal prepared. Special solutions are available to planners on request.

Quick and easy installation

GEZE solutions also have many advantages for installation companies: MSW and Pendulo do not need glass processing for door rails and fixed panel profiles. Both systems can be easily and quickly installed at the construction site.

With MSW, an LSG adhesion bracket enables the use of laminated safety glass without additional profile or glass processing.

Quick and uncomplicated installation from the front and with just one installation tool thanks to the Levolan Smart fix installation system.

Convenient operation of manual sliding wall systems

The excellent running characteristics and low-noise operation thanks to guided curve technology require only little force to move the glass elements manually. The complete opening of e.g. shop fronts by MSW SmartGuide roller carriages makes the system extremely flexible.

The Perlan sliding door fitting system is particularly robust, especially in highly frequented residential and office areas:

  • permanently smooth running due to two internal precision ball bearings in each roller carriage, the track design and the generously dimensioned carrier rollers
  • Corrosion protection for slightly damp interiors and thus longevity due to internal, sealed ball bearings. The anodised alloy track reduces abrasion and also guarantees increased corrosion protection.
  • The gentle retraction into the end position thanks to GEZE Perlan 140 SoftStop protects the door and door fittings and increases the life span.