GEZE France committed to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)

We are happy to announce that GEZE France has initiated a Corporate Social Responsibility process with AFNOR, the French certification organization. We are more and more aware of the direct impact we have on society and on the environment, which makes it necessary to try and act positively, whenever possible.

Short- and long-term actions

Working session for the steering committee to launch GEZE France Corporate Social Responsibility process

Working session for the steering committee to launch GEZE France Corporate Social Responsibility process

With the AFNOR assessment, we have achieved the ‘progression’ level, which is a good starting point; and more important, we have identified our strengths and weaknesses. A steering committee has been set up with 7 voluntary members, representing different positions and regions within GEZE France. Their role is to exchange views, focus and take action on the agreed subjects; they also communicate with employees on CSR matters, in order to help arouse more consciousness; finally, they gather information and points of view. Next steps are about implementing better practices on practical subjects, such as: “no paper” options, “job swapping” to improve collaboration and work relationship or gardening and bee projects…

As a company, we have a responsibility, beyond profitability, to contribute to sustainable development; that is the reason why, at GEZE France, we have decided to take action and have contacted AFNOR for assessment and guidance, according to the ISO 26000 guidelines.

Philippe Eugène, GEZE France Managing Director

People tend to associate CSR exclusively with the environment, but the scope of CSR is much wider, as it also addresses social and economic concerns (social equity, organizational governance…). Big or small, all initiatives are important and what matters is being more conscious about the impact we have, and try to improve/change our practices whenever necessary. We are aiming at improved operating processes for the environment, better working conditions for GEZE France employees and healthier ecosystems towards a better future… Let’s go for it!

Benefits of CSR

Integrating the principles of CSR into our business, will provide significant benefits and will enable us to:

  • Communicate (social media, print…) => positive brand image
  • Position ourselves as a committed company towards our customers and partners (who ask us more and more about our position regarding sustainable development) => competitive advantage
  • Emulate and promote positive values among our employees (collective effort) => investing in human capital for more commitment
  • Be more attractive from a recruitment point of view => HR advantages
  • Be aligned with our personal values => moral convictions