Boxer E-ISM

E-ISM guide rail Boxer * With closing sequence control, electrical hold-open device on both leaves and levers

ISM /Gleitschiene, 2 flg. / E-ISM Gleitschiene 1 flg.  Boxer
  • Supply voltage 24 V DC
  • Retention force of the electromechanical hold-open device can be variably adjusted
  • Closing sequence control holds the active leaf in the waiting position until the passive leaf is closed
  • Vandalism protection through flexible Bowden cable
  • Flexible repositioning of the Bowden cable release mechanism in the frame, e.g. with passive leaf lockings
  • Minimal installation effort due to low number of individual parts and quick setting
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  • With screwed slide block
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Application Areas

  • Double leaf doors with closing sequence control
  • Hold-open systems with integrated hold-open device
  • Integrated installation
  • Right and left single-action doors
  • Symmetrical and asymmetrical division of door possible
  • Minimum hinge clearance 1300 mm, minimum width of passive leaf 540 mm

Technical data

E-ISM guide rail Boxer
Input voltage 24 V DC
IP rating IP43
Minimum hinge clearance 1300 mm
Minimum passive leaf width 540 mm
Standard conformity EN 1155, EN 1158
Width 31 mm
Height 30 mm
Hold-open function Electrical
Hold-open device can be switched on and off Yes
Hold-open device can be overridden Yes
Hold-open range 80 ° - 120 °
Closing sequence control integrated Yes
Flexible opening restrictor Yes

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