No more slamming doors: quiet door closers at the Marriott Amsterdam

In an outstanding hotel like the Marriott Hotel in Amsterdam, the comfort of guests always comes first. That is why the five star hotel chose the TS 5000 SoftClose door closer, meaning that now, loud slamming doors are a thing of the past.

Five stars for comfort: the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel

The Amsterdam Marriott Hotel is centrally located.

Exterior view of the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel © GEZE GmbH

The Amsterdam Marriott Hotel is located in the heart of Amsterdam, at the edge of the Vondelpark and just a stone’s throw away from Leidseplein. The 11-storey luxury hotel has a total of about 400 rooms that are fully-booked almost year-round.

Hotel corridor in the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel.

Loudly slamming room doors are a problem in many hotels.

The problem: slamming hotel room doors

Despite the etiquette observed in almost all hotels that guests are expected to be as quiet as possible between 10:00 at night and 8:00 in the morning, slamming room doors kept causing noise issues. This was a familiar, yet unacceptable problem for the internationally-renowned Amsterdam Marriott Hotel.

Problem solved: quiet closing room doors

After extensive testing and multiple trial installations of different door closers, the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel selected GEZE's TS 5000 SoftClose.

“Offering our guests a high-quality stay is our top priority. Whether guests leave their rooms early in the morning or come back from the city in the late evening or at night – we want to minimise any inconvenience that might arise from noise in the corridors and slamming doors” says Richard Geukens, head Engineer at the Amsterdam Marriott Hotel.

Hotel room with open room door.

Quiet closing room doors for undisturbed comfort. © GEZE GmbH

“After conducting tests of different door closers, we chose the TS 5000 SoftClose from GEZE. What ultimately convinced us was that the door closer works very reliably, even under difficult conditions, for example, if our guests have the windows in their rooms open at a tilted position. The door closers ensure that room doors always engage with the lock in a controlled manner, without slamming. This helps us reduce noise and guarantee all of our guests a first-class stay.

Closing doors quietly – even in case of wind and draughts

Geukens demonstrates the most important advantage the TS 5000 SoftClose offers, using an open window as an example. The door closer truly shows what it can do in rooms with changing pressure ratios, for instance due to wind, suction, or draughts. Thanks to its SoftClose mechanism, the door closes as it would with any other door closer from below; however, the process is decelerated at the end so that the door closes quietly and without slamming. At the same time, the door opener maintains sufficient speed and latching action to fall securely into the lock. This improves comfort and safety.

And speaking of safety: the TS 5000 SoftClose also ensures that fire and smoke protection doors close safely and in accordance with fire protection regulations – even doors secured by access authorisations.

Flexible and user-friendly: the TS 5000 SoftClose door closer

  • • The TS 5000 is suitable for doors with a width of up to 1400 mm, and has a variably adjustable closing force of EN 2-6.
  • • Both the closing speed of the door and the latching action – the speed at which the door falls into the lock – are individually adjustable with the TS 5000 SoftClose.
  • • The integrated back check ensures that doors that are flung open are decelerated.
TS 5000 SoftClose door closer on a room door

Discreet design – outstanding function: the TS 5000 SoftClose. © GEZE GmbH

Good to know: The TS 5000 SoftClose door closer can easily be adjusted to any environment

All functions can be set quickly and easily on the front of the door closer, depending on the environmental conditions. “That is unbelievably practical”, Geukens confirms. “Since the conditions are different on every floor, and even in every room, we can easily address small nuances with the settings so that every door closes just as we want it to”.

The door closer is also flexible when it comes to its design: the TS 5000 SoftClose is available in the standard colours of silver and white (RAL 9016), but can be manufactured in any RAL colour upon request so the door closer can blend seamlessly into any institution.

The TS 5000 SoftClose has already won multiple awards, including the German Innovation Award and the Iconic Award. The door closer is also certified by the Institut Bauen und Umwelt e.V. IBU in accordance with ISO 14025 and EN 15804.