Revolving doors for increased comfort and safety at the Address Downtown Hotel Dubai

Expectations are high when it comes to comfort and safety in a 5-star hotel – especially in the prestigious entrance area. GEZE’s automatic rotating door systems and door drives, which are specially adapted to the building, ensure even more access convenience and improve safety at one of the most exclusive addresses in Dubai, the Address Downtown Hotel.

GEZE’s contribution to improve ease of access at the revolving doors of the Address Downtown Hotel:

  • High degree of access convenience and accessibility at the prestigious entrances with automatic revolving doors
  • Specially designed door drive systems adapted to the very large and heavy 3-leaf revolving door installation:
    • Total height of the revolving doors: 5.9 metres, passage height: 4.3 metres
    • Outside diameter: 3.8 metres,  passage width: 1.8 metres
  • Comfortable and safe coming and going, even with high volumes of traffic, thanks to automatic and flexibly adjustable revolving door drives
  • Adapted look and design:
    • Consistent glass aesthetics in the façade
    • Harmony with the interior and the height of the foyer
  • Project expertise: standard drives adapted to particularly high revolving door systems with heavy doors
  • Coordination of cooperation between all parties involved in the project
  • High degree of responsibility for rapid project implementation within 30 days
5-Stars-Hotel Address Downtown Dubai

© Nicolas Tohme / GEZE GmbH

Pure luxury right from the entrance area in the Address Downtown Hotel in Dubai

This 5-star hotel is one of the finest addresses in the modern centre of Dubai. With 220 rooms, it occupies the lower 12 floors of a skyscraper spanning 63 floors in total. At a height of “just” 306 metres, it is one of the smaller tower blocks by Dubai’s standards, and yet it still promises extreme luxury. And the hotel’s spacious, high-ceilinged rooms are just as luxurious. GEZE is playing a major role in implementing the appropriately large revolving doors at the entrances. Our drive technology for the automatic rotating door systems with heavy door leaves, which is specifically adapted to the particular conditions on site, ensures a high degree of comfort at all of the doors – something which comes as a matter of course for a hotel of this class.

Automatic rotating doors allow for a whole new welcome experience

Tailor-made from the series program: Door drives and control technology from the TSA 325 NT series for revolving door systems

Entrance of the Address Downton Dubai Hotel © Nicolas Tohme / GEZE GmbH

Extremely high and with generous passage widths, the revolving doors in the entrance area feel like portals to an exquisite contemporary oriental ambience. The door leaves of the revolving doors, which move incredibly easily and quietly, are just a taste of the comfort that awaits guests throughout the building. After a fire on New Year’s Eve, guests had to do without this comfort for quite some time. But now that the damaged areas have been fully cleared and extensive modernisation works carried out, guests can once again enjoy the luxury they have come to expect – in a whole new look.

Time for inspiration, new design and improved comfort and safety

The owner and operator company Emaar Hospitality Group used the time during the repair work to completely reinvent the hotel – with an even more beautiful interior design, more rooms and suites, an additional spa and new restaurant concepts. And the hotel still boasts the best view of the city’s two landmarks right next to it: the Burj Khalifa – the tallest tower in the world – and the Dubai Fountain.

GEZE service from the very start of the project

Tailor-made from the series program: Door drives and control technology from the TSA 325 NT series for revolving door systems

Particularly high revolving doors with heavy wings © Nicolas Tohme / GEZE GmbH

Automatic revolving doors at the hotel entrances need to offer the best service with the utmost convenience of access at all times. This was achieved with GEZE’s efficient and flexible service on site. The original revolving door installations with large door leaves were affected by the construction works and were no longer functioning. The general contractor DUTCO had hoped to repair and maintain the existing technology. The service experts at our subsidiary GEZE Middle East in Dubai got involved, with the following services included as standard:

  • Inspection of the entire technology of all three revolving doors in the entrance area
  • Advice on all technical possibilities for increased comfort and safety for the door systems and door drives

Project experience and expertise on site

Replacing the door systems with the same solutions no longer proved to be feasible, as the spare parts could no longer be obtained. Impressed with our support so far, the client decided to rely on GEZE’s service and advice for replacement of the special revolving doors. As an efficient partner in the region, we were able to provide the right drive technology that was ideal for the door systems. Our experience and expertise in project solutions helped us to overcome the challenging tasks presented to us by the existing revolving doors with their heavy door leaves and the particular architecture.

  • Provision of drive and control technology for revolving doors and adapting it to
    • a very high basic mechanical design
    • high and heavy glass door leaves
  • Meeting all requirements in door comfort and safety for revolving doors in a luxury hotel with an international clientèle
  • Tight time frame: implementation of the door project and handover to the general contractor DUTCO within 30 days

Responsibility for implementation of the project

The GEZE service team in Dubai took responsibility from the outset, ensuring the project could be carried out rapidly and smoothly. Acting as a kind of task force, the service experts brought together all the parties involved in the construction and the project. They combined industry expertise and professional skills to form an efficient network that provided the inspiration for optimal, tailor-made solutions for the special revolving doors.

Facts and benefits of GEZE’s door drives at a glance

  • Adapted automatic door drives: drive and control technology from the TSA 325 NT series for revolving door systems
  • Highest safety standards in line with DIN 18650 – state-of-the-art safety features
  • Quiet and reliable operation thanks to top product quality made in Germany
  • High level of insulation effect against draughts, heat, desert dust and noise from the street
    • Efficient separation of outdoor and indoor climate
  • Comfortable operation of the revolving doors thanks to DCU technology
  • Simple commissioning, maintenance and diagnostics with the GEZEconnects software

Customised service concepts from GEZE

GEZE’s service doesn’t stop once the revolving door systems are handed over to DUTCO. As an expert partner for door installations, we provide support for the door systems over their entire life cycle with tailor-made service and maintenance.

We offer an “all-round package” for

  • Maximum availability at all times
  • Reliable and safe operation
  • Value preservation and extended life span

GEZE Products at Address Downtown Hotel Dubai

  • TSA 325 NT automatic revolving door system for 3- or 4-leaf revolving doors with adjustable automatic speed suitable for through traffic as well as supporting servo function for increased comfort with manual door opening
  • GEZEconnects software for integrating the door systems in the building technology management system, so that the automatic revolving door systems can be conveniently parametrised and reliably maintained thanks to automatic fault reports and diagnostic